By Design

It could be said that Kirk Seton was born to design. His father was an architect who dared to combine the disciplines of art and physics. His talent for creating the kind of structures that inspire while delivering every-day functional benefits, gave Kirk a remarkable insight into the world around him.

Indeed, while most kids went to Expo 67 for the midway, eight-year-old Kirk followed his father around Habitat 67. It was, and still is, an architectural marvel that launched the career of its designer and continues to influence urban residential design around the world. Architect Moshe Safdie's Expo 67, Habitat 67.

Habitat 67 also had an impact on Kirk. So much so that he flirted with the idea of becoming an architect. But it was the power of pure design that fired his imagination and so, to the Alberta College of Art & Design he went.

ACAD graduates are respected throughout the fields of art and design around the world. Their programs help you discover, and eventually, trust in your own sense of good taste. It is the key to good design. It is the final arbitrator for all things artistic. Good taste is also the thing that drives people like Kirk to imagine and then create what he has invented in his mind.

I have always been a visual problem solver and never had trouble finding inspiration. But it is often the most unexpected things that spark my creativity and lead to my best design solutions.

It also takes talent, education, experience and patience to make good things happen. And when they do, we – the audience – we get to see the kind of imagery that literally leaves its imprint on our minds. 

That imprint helps establish reputations. Presents messages that facilitate marketing. And leads to brands that create meaning where none previously existed.

These are the things Kirk Seton does for a living. They’re the advantages he delivers to his clients. And they are the very visible benefits of “The Power of Good Design”.